You’ll receive printed instructions and two gimmicked cards, which will allow you to perform the trick with a red and blue Bicycle deck. Just add the card to your deck and you’re ready to go.

This is a low price for such a great moment of magic that you’ll definitely add to your wallet and bring out at every opportunity.

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Misprint is one of the first things I ever came up with and it’s still one of my favorites. This is a completely new plot in magic: you come across a really badly printed Bicycle card (which can be signed) and then you visually cause the ink to slowly move down the card so that it sits in the correct position. You can then hand the card out as a souvenir. Words can’t explain how cool it looks when the ink starts to move.

The audience ACTUALLY SEES the border slowly change!

The card can be freely selected and signed…NO FORCE!

Can be mastered in moments and resets instantly!

Get two special Misprint gimmicks for only $10
Inside US (Free shipping) Outside US ($2.00 shipping)


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