September 9, 2016 (No Comments) by lukedancy

Sometimes you just need to unplug and get away from everything. Having a fresh perspective can do wonders for your life but unless you’re aware of it things might just continue as usual. This week’s episode is a friendly reminder to enjoy the good. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode and the message behind […]

August 26, 2016 (No Comments) by lukedancy

Sometimes the hardest things you are dealing with ‘in the moment’ end up being some of the best memories that you carry with you. This week’s episode is a direct result of something pretty funny that happened to me but it sure wasn’t much fun while I was going through it. This is just proof […]

August 19, 2016 (No Comments) by lukedancy

This last week has been pretty crazy but in a good way! I’ve had a lot going on and have learned a lot too so that’s always a plus. This week’s episode takes a close look at just why I do this show week after week and how it’s helped me in more ways than […]

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