August 5, 2016 (2 Comments) by lukedancy

Five years ago today (August 5th, 2016) I had one of my proudest moments but it was happening at one of the lowest points in my life. Sounds interesting right? Well get ready for this! Let’s travel back to 2011 while I was working with Criss Angel. I was working away in my office like any […]

August 2, 2016 (No Comments) by lukedancy

This week’s episode seemed to pour right out! Sometimes when things go down in a bad way it’s how we respond and move forward that makes all the difference in the world. Be mindful, be positive and allow the good to find you. Much love! Keep your head up and keep looking ahead. Always remember […]

July 26, 2016 (No Comments) by lukedancy

Welcome to this week’s all new episode! Special thanks to my friend Jamie for helping me figure out the topic for this week’s show. I can’t think of a better topic when it comes to being mindful and present…you! It’s always important to make sure you’re mindful and aware of just how amazing you really […]

July 25, 2016 (No Comments) by lukedancy

Headphones in and the good vibes are flowing. Truth be told they haven’t been flowing lately BUT with the right support anything and everything can change. Perspective and knowing people are in your corner can really help make you feel unstoppable. Life has been playing some funny games with me lately that have put me […]

July 19, 2016 (No Comments) by lukedancy

It’s been an interesting week since my last episode. I had a chance to spend some time with a dear friend that has had his life completely flipped upside down. It really does change your perspective when you see firsthand just how quickly life can change in the blink of an eye. The shot above […]

July 13, 2016 (One Comment) by lukedancy

This week’s episode needed to be less of a ‘show’ and more of an honest chat with you about some of the things going on around me. Loss is one of the hardest things we have to deal with it but it also teaches us some of the most important lessons that guide us through […]

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